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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Case Strategies Group

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Case Strategies Group is a Florida-based expert firm serving the plaintiff bar, insured entities directly and governmental entities by providing insurance coverage analysis, claim valuation, engineering services and expert testimony, all related to insurance or mass tort claims. CSG naturally evolved out of the services first provided by Henry Sienema and his team in resolution of hurricane claim disputes. CSG has been retained by plaintiff attorneys, public adjusters and insureds in successive hurricanes since Katrina in 2004, and every hurricane since. Beginning in 2010 to the present, CSG and its’ sister-company has assisted some 32,000 claimants with their individual or business economic losses arising from the BP Oil Spill, the largest environmental disaster in US history. CSG’s mission has been to provide fair and impartial claims advice and valuations. Consequently, CSG has gained a reputation as a competent and equitable expert in the field. CSG now operates in all areas of the US. Hurricane Maria, which caused such considerable damage in Puerto Rico, provided CSG with an opportunity to assist almost 5,000 residential claimants, 1,500 commercial claimants, 200 condominium associations and numerous municipalities and government agencies through their attorneys. CSG has conducted many expert conferences, participated in appraisal and arbitration and provided expert services, including at deposition and trial. CSG has begun to provide services to FEMA and other government agencies. This field offers perhaps the greatest opportunity for CSG to expand its services and bring its level of expertise to natural catastrophes. What makes CSG unique in its field is the strength of its financial capabilities. CSG is a member company of the 777 Partners group of companies. 777 Partners provides funding to CSG for its operations. Plaintiff attorneys and insureds are always, until now, disadvantaged in investigation of, valuation of, and expert services for insurance claims because of the costs. CSG provides funding for these services and allows plaintiff attorneys and their clients to pursue recoveries due under their insurance policies to the fullest extent possible – CSG carries the expense and member companies of 777 Partners provide attorney funding in general thus leveling the playing field between plaintiffs and their insurers. We are proud of what we have accomplished at CSG thus far. CSG looks forward to participating with plaintiff attorneys, experts from other fields and government agencies to discuss visions and pathways to meet the challenges ahead as climate change impacts the global communities.

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