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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Ground Stiffness Surveys LLC

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Ground Stiffness Surveys is the designer and manufacturer of the Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) rapid portable ground profiling system. The system uses a vibrating seismic source to generate Rayleigh Waves at 100 different frequencies. The Rayleigh Wave Velocity, Vr, is measured at each frequency over a short 10-ft geophone array; the Vr values are then inverted using our custom C-DAS software to create a velocity and/or stiffness vs. depth profile, typically to 30-feet, facilitating rapid (<20-minutes) non-destructive strength testing of the ground. Applications include rapid assessment of failing embankments, dams and levees, building footprints (including basements and parking garages), and generating geotechnical design parameters for new construction.

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