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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Krah Health Solutions

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By nature, the term ‘disaster’ explodes outside the confines of any box, so our strategy in planning needs to outwit any disaster. ActivePure has proven micro-biocidal and sporicidal activity with significant reduction in bacteria and viruses. This Dry Hydrogen Peroxide provides non-invasive, continual treatment of the entire facility without toxic or chemical by-products. By exploding the shell of pathogens, VOC’s, molds and their spores, ActivePure is a proven solution to have in place prior to any disaster. Portable units are available for stockpiling, with a shelf life of many years with no decrease in effectiveness. An eco-friendly disinfectant, ActivePure is safe to breathe continuously and is a cost-effective solution that is utilized behind the scenes 24/7. Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame (2017), recent test results show ActivePure also kills SARS-CoV-2, which causes the Coronavirus (Covid-19). As founder and CEO of The Krah Corporation (dba activTek Health Solutions), Beth Krah has served the healthcare community for over a decade providing non-toxic infection prevention measures with a special focus on EMS, Disaster Preparedness/Response, Medical Care Facilities and the Military. Previously employed by Solvay Pharmaceuticals in their Quality Assurance/Quality Control group, her passion to serve is of utmost importance for her and her team’s role in serving their customers and keeping them healthy so they can focus on the pressing needs of saving the lives of others.

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