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Mar 1 & 2 / 2023

Miami, FL

NIXUS by Zepelin USA

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Since 1996, here at Zepelin we build and design structures that are second to none in innovation, portability, deployment time and reliability. Under the NIXUS brand, we manufacture a wide range of pneumatic and metal constructions for rapid deployment, temporary or semi-permanent constructions for the army, firefighters and rescuers. 

In the event of natural disasters, we provide fast-deployable and reliable high-pressure inflatable tents, folding tents or expandable container shelters. In case of fire, we are a reliable supplier of collapsible water tanks for use on the ground or suspended under a helicopter. We provide reliable systems for decontamination and collective protection in the event of environmental contamination. In the event of an infection, our portable bioboxes and isolation rooms are ready to prevent the spread of the disease.

Zepelin USA is the exclusive importer of the NIXUS products in the USA. Become our partners. 

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