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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Prism Lighting Services, LLC

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The Prism Inflatable Light is manufactured to allow one person in total darkness to illuminate 17,000 square feet in less than 4 minutes. The portability is essential in search and rescue, scene lighting, crime scene investigation, security and emergency operations. It is used all over the World for Fire Departments, Emergency Management Agencies, Police Departments, Railroads and Construction.

The portability and affordability of these lights make it easy to be prepared for any disaster or night time activity. The PIL1000 puts out 95,000 lumens and lights over 17,000 square feet and weighs under 55 pounds. The Prism Nitelite puts out 22,000 lumens and lights over 6300 square feet and only weighs 27 pounds

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