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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Triverus Cleaning and Environmental Solutions LLC

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Triverus LLC designs, manufactures, and sells mobile environmentally focused hard surface cleaning machinery. Based on proprietary high-pressure water spray technology developed for the US Navy to clean oil, fuel, tire particles and other contaminants from aircraft carrier decks, the Triverus MCV cleans, lifts, and contains contaminants for hygienic disposal from hard surfaces that conventional sweeping equipment cannot address. The process is enclosed and utilizes a high-pressure water only spray. The energy inherent in the water spray releases pollutants, nutrients, metals and solids that have adhered to the hard surface. Triverus sells and services the equipment to end users, and offers both long term and short-term contract services in North America. A technology and development company at heart, Triverus is always interested in collaborations with public agencies to develop processes to address specific problems.

Tel: 866-670-7117

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