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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL


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The WaterMonster™ will help you be ready to handle potable water needs when disaster strikes. Our water dispensing tanks allow quicker response times to emergencies, empowering our users to immediately distribute potable water in the hours and days immediately after a disaster. Our fast, mobile, and adaptable water delivery system is:

· Easy to operate and deploy with just 1-2 workers
· Scalable, modular and social-distance ready
· Long lasting and low maintenance
· Easily moved on light duty trucks
· Available as self-contained trailer units with ample equipment storage
· Refillable from municipal water sources, reservoir tanks or potable water trucks
· Perfect for eliminating trash & water bottle waste
· Configurable with touch-less dispensers and filter systems

In times of crisis, first responders require fast and efficient portable water stations. Traditional emergency drinking water suppliers may not be fast enough during those critical hours. With the WaterMonster™ refillable water tank, our first-response water delivery system can help your emergency team deploy water within minutes, without hauling thousands of bottles and cleaning up the resulting waste. Contact us today to learn how WaterMonster™ can help distribute your disaster relief water supply safely and quickly. For more than 15 years, WaterMonster™ has been the patented and proven solution for mass hydration.

Tel: 512.563.1737

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